Our Team

Meet Our Senior Team:

Linda Calabrese

Senior Vice President of Operations, Responsive Management Inc.

Email: linda.calabrese@responsivemanagement.ca

Tel: 416-479-4345 ext. 226

Sara Fox

Sara Fox

Executive Director

Email: sara.fox@banwellgardenscarecentre.ca

Tel: 519-735-3204 ext. 123

Alyson van Egmond

Alyson van Egmond

Director of Care

Email: alyson.vanegmond@banwellgardenscarecentre.ca

Tel: 519-735-3204 ext. 127

Meet The Rest Of Our Team:

Baljeet Mangat

Baljeet Mangat

Assistant Director of Care

Email: baljeet.mangat@banwellgardenscarecentre.ca

Tel: 519-735-3204 ext. 140

Ljiljana Glisic

Ljiljana Glisic

Resident Services Coordinator

Email: ljiljana.glisic@banwellgardenscarecentre.ca

Tel: 519-735-3204 ext. 122

Navneet Dhaliwal

Clinical Director of Care Infection Prevention and Control Leader

Email: navneet.dhaliwal@banwellgardenscarecentre.ca

Tel: 519-735-3204 ext. 129

Jenna Smith

Jenna Smith

Quality Improvement Coordinator

Email: jenna.smith@banwellgardenscarecentre.ca

Tel: 519-735-3204 ext. 140

Heather Ingram

Heather Ingram

Programs Manager

Email: heather.ingram@banwellgardenscarecentre.ca

Tel: 519-735-3204 ext. 133

Tanya Vetor

Tanya Vetor

Admissions Coordinator

Email: tanya.vetor@banwellgardenscarecentre.ca

Tel: 519-735-3204 ext. 107

Mitch Rivait

Environmental Services Manager

Email: mitch.rivait@banwellgardenscarecentre.ca

Tel: 519-735-3204 ext. 135

Amanda Richard

Amanda Richard

Food Services Manager

Email: amanda.richard@banwellgardenscarecentre.ca

Tel: 519-735-3204 ext. 128

Lisa Bould

Lisa Bould

Manager of Clinical Informatics

Email: lisa.bould@banwellgardenscarecentre.ca

Tel: 519-735-3204 ext. 137

Shawn Mathew

Employee Engagement Specialist

Email: shawn.mathew@banwellgardenscarecentre.ca

Tel: 519-735-3204

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